Learn about breakbulk shipping the RoRo way - Courtesy WWL

Learn about breakbulk shipping the RoRo way - Courtesy WWL

Posted On : 21 Mar 2018

More and more Freight Forwarders and OEMs around the world are coming to recognise the benefits of RoRo shipping over other solutions. And while the “Roll-on, Roll-off” method was originally devised for wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks and construction machines, it is also suitable for a wide variety of other cargo types that can be rolled onto vessels using wheeled equipment, such as roll-trailers.

WWL’s Head of Key and Liner Accounts, Roger Strevens, wants to make the full capacity of RoRo shipping known to the broader marketplace. This is why WWL has devised a series of workshops for existing and prospective customers.

“People typically associate RoRo with cars and trucks but don’t necessarily appreciate the capability of our fleet when it comes to breakbulk cargo. For example, did you know that we have vessels that can handle cargo weighing up to 400 tons, or that our roll trailers come in lengths of anything up to 82 feet?” asks Strevens.

WWL’s workshops are designed for both OEMs and Freight Forwarders and have a very clear objective: to share knowledge about RoRo breakbulk shipping and the benefits that it offers customers.

WWL’s latest workshop in Shanghai drew some 40 attendees representing approximately 20 companies from across China and Japan. In addition to discussing their shipping needs with WWL and other industry peers, they were also given the unique opportunity to witness cargo operations with WWL’s ‘Talisman’ vessel at Haitong Port in Shanghai.

“Watching the 240-metre MV Talisman being loaded live at the port gave the customers the type of insight they could never get from a brochure,” says Strevens.

“Many had never seen one of our vessels in action before – or indeed fully appreciated the capabilities of our wide range of cargo equipment. I hope this created a new, deeper understanding of the diversity of the solutions and services we offer,” he adds.

The next WWL breakbulk workshop is in Bremerhaven, Germany, on Thursday, April 28 2017.