(Part 2) Four Things You Should Know About International RORO Shipping

(Part 2) Four Things You Should Know About International RORO Shipping

Posted On : 19 Jul 2018

As continued from our previous article, here is the continuation of what you need to know when you plan on shipping heavy equipment to a different country:

3. Marine Insurance

Having your heavy equipment insured before, during, and after your shipping period ensures that your items are intact when they arrive in their destination. There are different types of marine insurance, so make sure to take into consideration what it covers for your asset, and as well as the compensation and cost of it.


Often times, having an insurance policy for your heavy equipment is required by most countries’ customs department. So it’s safe to say that you will almost always need one regardless of what type of item you’re shipping overseas.


Insurance will also cover your heavy equipment if ever anything happens to it while in transport and once it arrives at its destination port. It’s an investment that will allow you to cover your costs across your business operation.


4. Learn Your Country Destination’s Laws on Imports

Different countries have a set of rules that they implement on their own local ports. These rules can be very specific depending on what you’re shipping to their country. Some governments prefer heavy machines coming into their shores dismantled and packaged, while others allow heavy shipments as it is.


Knowing details of your destination country’s by-laws and regulations can save you a lot of hassle in your later business dealings. Often times, if your cargo does not pass these regulations, they will be shipped back to its country of origin. Depending on the situation, this might mean spending more than you expected in your business deals.




Knowing the basics of shipping heavy equipment overseas can help you optimize your business and ease government, and third party transactions for everyone involved in your company. Also knowing these things can help you cover expenses whenever the unexpected arises while shipping heavy equipment.


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